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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Taking a weekend trip

And I will miss the best human utensil using cats in the world Otis and Clyde. (Clyde and Otis respectively in this picture)
image by Amber Sexton

I am going to Pittsburgh and I’m sure they have cats there but they aren’t as good. But I’m going to try and have fun anyhow.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Took the wrong train home

Tonight I was able to leave work early and I guess was a little in my own world. I first noticed they fixed the steam leak right outside the office and there is no chimney type vent there. Just manhole covers leaking a teeny bit of steam.
image by Amber Sexton
I miss the ground level clouds, but I looked up and one of the buildings seems to be putting out steam on the roof.
image by Amber Sexton
Then I saw the new orange and white stack on 6th avenue, steaming up Radio City, which was magnificent. I see Radio City every day but it is always beautiful and so much a part of the city.
image by Amber Sexton
Then I accidentally took the F train and ended up strolling around Queens Plaza, I saw this building, which I found out is the Bank of Manhattan building. The light in the clock tower on top was spinning, or rather there was a wheel of images spinning which at first I couldn’t make out what they were, it looked like the tan markings on a nautilus shell, but eventually I realized the images were of standing people. The building is abandoned but I did some
searching and found out has been taken over for an art installation called. How Much Do I Owe You? I’ve taken video of the spinning light with my phone but all the places I uploaded it don’t show it at the resolution where you can see the spinning of the people through the clock tower, so it’s not worth showing it. It was affecting to look at and I want to go and take a look at the whole exhibition this weekend.
image by Amber Sexton
Anyway I eventually connected with a bus home but strolling in the rain was nice.
image by Amber Sexton

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Monday, January 28, 2013

I went out on Friday

image by Amber Sexton
I went and saw my friends the Luxurious Faux Furs. I hadn’t seen my friends Josh and Jessica in a while and I had a lovely time, LFF can be very mesmerizing to watch and hear, and they are great friends who I can swap cat stories with. I have not been going out much but I had a lot of fun, and there was a headlining band that was very loud and quite fun, Big Bad Oven from Knoxville. I danced also which I used to do all the time, even though it was awkward in my snowboots. The next night I went out too spur of the moment with my friend Molly, and even though I felt, and knew I was ten years older than everyone in the place, I had some fun cocktails and great time. The bartender was a kid from Oklahoma, they played 70’s pop songs and then horrifying 80’s ones and my friend Molly crashed over and we had brunch the next day, almost like you would if you got lucky at a bar, except I’m just lucky to have friends. I really am.

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January cheap prints

I’m selling cheap prints of my photos, each month I make a little gallery and offer them. Fulfilled by Adoramapix they are really good quality and as inexpensive as $5. Click here and in the gallery hit add to cart to see options and prices.

January prints_gallery - Images by Amber Sexton

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Geometric manicure with Nail Rock stickers

image by Amber Sexton
So both my middle finger nails broke really short, and I had to nub my nails pretty much. To make myself feel happier about it I thought I would do an arty manicure with nail stickers. The Nail Rock brand stickers are from the UK and they have great designs but they are plastic and and not nail laquer based. I have found that this style of sticker doesn’t work without wrinkling when I try to use it on my whole nail, because I have very rounded curved nail beds. A portion of a sticker has less chance of wrinkling. The base color nail laquer is a lovely gray from Zoya called Evvie.

I feel pretty cool even with shorty nails. Still I can’t wait for them to grow.
image by Amber Sexton

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