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Twin Guns
The Othermen
Jungle Jim of Twin Guns
Fresco with light leaks in Venice
Broken fountain in Florence
Josh Nagel
Drug Gang
Black kitten named Clyde
Wedding of Lynne and Steve, with traditional Chinese banquet
Jimmy and the Wolfpack
Church in Florence
Man yelling in Florence
Waiter at Gilli in Florence
Monumental face in Boboli Gardens
Home Grown Books
Sweet Little Mermaid.jpg
The Vandelles
Headless Hookers
Black building with pink ribbon
Worker at Fabers Fascination
Preschool girl on the beach
Car in front of Astroland, Mermaid Parade
Abandoned Arcade in Coney Island
Fonseca Bust at the Capitoline Museum
World Famous *BOB*
Old character on Surf Avenue
Veronica, a carney worker
Bambi the Mermaid
Marti sings into blue light
Brendan Sexton III
Chicken Snake.jpg
The Colosseum, Rome
Dachshund under chair in Campo Fiore, Rome
Brendan Sexton III and Frances Tulk-Hart
Jukebox Jodi
Andre Williams
Luxurious Faux Furs
Nude back with mermaid tattoo
Mother and twin girls
Rock'n'roll couple in love
The Lost Crusaders
Milk of Magnesia book cover
Luxurious Faux Furs, a badass couple on the street
Preschool temper tantrum on the beach
Police outside St. Peters, The Vatican
Perseus statue, The Vatican Museum
Pink cushions
Personal Trainer
St. Peter's, small oval dome, The Vatican
Watermelon rind, summertime
Inflatable pool in backyard, summertime
Oyster costume for the Mermaid Parade, The Origin of Oysteria